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Cup of Love

Author: ranzeratihmcfly
Pairing: YabuNoo
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG-13
Type: Drabble
Disclaimer: Yabu – Inoo aren’t mine =(
Summary: This is too random and bloody short and boring for summary

Working. Routine. BORED. I'm sorry if this one doesn't enjoyable to read.
Ahh I'm not updating JUMP nowadays... Lemme say that I'm doing Yabu Kota fasting for some reasons...

Inoo was so quiet, calmly waiting his lover beside him to finish his assignment. The coffee shop they had visit was so cozy and homey. More over a cup of hot chocolate he ordered.

"So, you want me to come here just to watch you doing your assignment, huh?"

The older one didn't gave any response.

Did I like this before? When I was college student and bussy with my assignment, did I ignoring him, my beloved one, like what I feel this time?

"Do you need help? I can do any assistance for you..."

No response.

"Being an idol and also studying as college student is kinda tough," Inoo continues his mumbling. "Dance practise, variety show, live performance, assignment, tasks, dance practice, drama, dance parctice, exam, write some lyrics, composing songs, assignment, exam, dance practise, concert..."

Still no response. Ahh, silence is a scary sound.

"Okay, whatever. I'll be here for you as long as you want me to..."

Inoo gave up. Gulping his little paradise which is gone cold like the atmosphere around.

"Argh my cup was empty,"

Pouted, Inoo take a look on menus. On the other side, his beloved one's a cup of coffee is still untouched. Innocently, he hold up his empty cup in front of the bussy handsome man.

"Kou, my cup was empty..."

The one just pointing the menus and then shifting his cup towards Inoo. Without saying even just one word.

"Who said that I want your cup of coffee? I want you to give me a little attention. I want love. I want you to pour your warmness. I want y-..."

"You are so noisy."

The handsome JUMP's leader pull his lips after the younger one seems can not breath because of his kissing maneuver.

"Please keep calm and quiet. I almost finish my assignment. After that, I will do whatever you ask..."

Inoo gave a nod. "Ya. Okay. Well, your kiss is the BEST hot chocolate in the universe." He smile, feeling relieve.




kkk haus perhatian kuwi
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June 2016

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