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nao and me

Red Ant Eggs

Author: ranzeratihmcfly
Pairing: YabuNoo X JUMP
Genre: Crack
Rating: PG-13
Type: Drabble
Disclaimer: Yabu – Inoo aren’t mine =(
Summary: Special Bday present for JUMP leader
Beta: koigaii

The setting was about Janiwa 2012.
I once watched about red ant eggs in BBC and had a YM working life chit chat with Gaii. If I’m not mistaken, we were talking about lunch menu and healthy food, then this idea came inside my brain.
I know that this is too early to post Bday project for Yabu, but tomorrow I will be very bussy with work and then I have to pick up my best friends and spend holiday with them. I’m afraid that I wouldn’t have time to online…
I love Yabu, but my dear friends are much important for me..
Ahh, HAPPY 24th birthday my beloved ichiban, Yabu Kota. Keep shining, darling... and ohh, Happy Lunar Year... Good LUCK, be HAPPY... =)


Few days ago, only Yabu, Okamoto, and Chinen who still hang on in Janiwa. The other members were absent due to exhaustion. But thank God, today all members are present, and tonight BEST were hanging out at one of ramen stall in Tokyo.

“Yabu-kun is amazing… He’s still fit when the other were already sick…” Takaki started.

“Moreover Norovirus is being endemic in London,” Yaotome added.

Inoo rolled his eyes, staring at crooked teeth JUMP rapper, “Oi Hikaru, do you actually know where London is?”

“It’s far from Tokyo, right?” Yaotome answered.

“So where is the correlation between norovirus, London, and Daiki?” Inoo asked again.

“Hey!! Why are you dragging me here??” Arioka joined as well.

“You caught norovirus as well, didn’t you?” Takaki reasoned.

“Oi oi… you guys.. cut it out…” Yabu stopped their silly fight. “You guys should just copy my habit! Consuming red ants plus honey every morning…” He proudly said.

“Haah??” BEST except YabuNoo was gasping, surprised.

“As I thought you guys won’t believe me... Just confirm to Kei...” Yabu replied.

“Is he telling the truth Inoo chan?” Arioka asked seriously. Inoo only forced a smile.

“You should watch BBC Knowledge! Stop watching Cartoon Network!” Yabu said again.

“Do you eat that thing as well, Inoo kun?” Takaki asked.

Yabu snorted, his smug expression was still on. “If Kei eat that, he won’t fall sick like you guys...”

“Ewww... That’s disgusting you know Kou...” Inoo shivered imagining it.

“Is it delicious?” Yaotome has become serious as well.

“Why don’t you guys try it yourself? Residents in Africa’s tribe or was it India... I don’t really remember... They eat those ants egg and also the ants as condiments and seasoning. It’s healthy. Contains LOTS of protein, moreover when you add honey to it... SUPERB!!”


January 31st. Yabu Day.

On Yabu’s birthday, JUMP had prepared special present for him.

“Yabu kun, happy birthday!!!” JUMP cheered. The dressing room after Shokura’s filming was noisier than usual.

Chinen, as representative from other members, stepped forward and handed the older a box of present. “This is from us all... I’m sure you’ll LOVE it...”

Yabu was happy and with his no-eye-smile, he opened the present and...


“5 kilograms of red ants egg, directly imported from India!!” Okamoto exclaimed. “The other 19 kilos were still in Hikaru kun’s house... We bought you total of 24 kilograms of it... 24 just like your age...”

“We heard that you love this...” Nakajima added.


And Yabu became unconscious that instant.

The other members become confused, “Is he too happy that he fainted?” Morimoto shrugged.

“Yabu kun... Yabu kun...” Yamada shook the fainted boy’s shoulder.

“Could you lift him to the couch?” Inoo said. Takaki and Okamoto complies. “I’ll take care of him... You guys go ahead to the restaurant. We’ll catch up later...” Inoo said, biting his lips as he holds his laughter. “You go as well Hikaru, make sure those little brats behave. Don’t teach them to cause trouble, ok?”

“I still don’t get why Kota fainted…” Yaotome scratched the back of his head. “But fine then.. I’ll go ahead.” He grinned. “Make sure he’s alright Kei… It’s his birthday after all…”


Inoo rest Yabu’s head on his lap. He caressed Yabu’s face and gave the older some refreshing fragrance for his boyfriend to inhale.

“Kou… I’ve put aside that ants egg… Wake up… We need to catch up with the others…”

“Nggghhh…” Slowly Yabu opened his eyes.

“The one who’s a liar is me you know… Don’t take my title…” Inoo grinned. “What the hell with red ants eggs?? That’s too much for a lie you know…”

Yabu was holding his heavy head, still feeling dizzy. “You watched that program with me as well, Kei…”

“Well that’s true… and it’s true that red ant eggs plus honey is nutritious and delicious – said by people who ate them. But you, Kou? Have you ever tried eating those? Never right? Not even once… hahahahaha….”

Yabu pouted and sulked like a little kid, looking too cute for Inoo, and so he planted a peck on that pouting lips. “Go pout again, I’ll kiss you.” Inoo teased.

“You don’t say…” Yabu smirk and jumped to Inoo to start their make out session.

“Happy birthday Kou…” Inoo said once they separated needing to inhale some air.

“Thank you…” Yabu smiled and pulled Inoo into another kiss. They were so into their make out session, that they forgot JUMP was waiting for them in the restaurant.


“What the hell took them so long??!” Arioka was getting tired of waiting.

“They don’t answer my call either…” Yaotome grumbled. “Mou ii ya… Let’s just eat!!!. Happy Birthday Yabu!!! Please continue to take care of us, may JUMP shine brighter!!”

“Happy Birthday Yabu-kun! Itadakimasuuuuu,” JUMP cheered and start eating.




i always love fluff fic like this!!

/give flowers to yabunoo
I like angst... /ehh

thanks for reading
yeollie ahh

June 2016

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