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YabuNoo DUET

Author: ranzeratihmcfly
Pairing: YabuNoo X Yaotome
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG-13
Type: Failed Drabble
Disclaimer: Yabu – Inoo aren’t mine =(
Summary: ohh please I'm not good with summary

Okay, another random story... I hope still enjoyable to read,
and ohh Happy first quarter century plus one week for koigaii... This one is esp for you ~ <3

Those two best mate continuing their melody. Didn’t bother any chirped around at all. Include Inoo’s. They were singing along while writing and composing JUMP’s new song. Ohh well let’s say YabuHika ‘coming soon’ duet. The universe knows about YabuHika combi. Great lyrics by Yabu and awesome melody by Yaotome. Their hard work would create sweet cheesy song which always stir heart like McDonald shake.

It was Sunday morning on early April. The sun shine warmly. Feeling nostalgic, Yabu sang his old song, playing his guitar...

with your tears rain will fall
with your smile the sky will be clear again
in the sunset dyed with the colour of orange
there is another promise
with your tears flowers will start to grow
with your smile flowers will bloom
and then in the petal that falls
contains my next promise I swear to you

“Ahh I do really miss singing this song on stage,” Yaotome said.

“We should create moar songs like Tears and Smile. Our fans really love it, ne...”

In the other room, Inoo was doing laundry. Cursing silently.

Damn you Hika! I already married with Yabu and you still come and disturb my quality Sunday family time!

And when he was bussy with household things, Inoo heard his husband asking for drink.

“Kei, please bring us coffee!”

Irritated, Inoo shout back. “Why don’t you make your coffee yourself?! You know where’s our kitchen right?!”

“I’m working for JUMP’s new song. It’s already two years since our last album. We (He meant himself and Yaotome) must doing our BEST!”

Ouyeahh. I also JUMP and BEST. And I’m doing laundry and making coffee. Great!

“I’m bussy with household. And please don’t shout. Yuuki is sleeping!”

Really, Yabu and Inoo must learn how to be parents. They were shouting each other.

“But, your coffee is the BEST... Right? Please, baby?”

With his cheesy trick, Yabu manage to ‘force’ Inoo doing what he wants.

FUCK! Inoo kick the washing machine and leaving the clothes which have to get sun dried. Why I love him and ended marrying him? Ohh God!

When Inoo ready with coffee, mineral water, and some snacks, Yabu was in the toilet. Leaving Yaotome alone.

Calmly, Inoo put the tray full with snacks and beverage on the table. And...

“You know what, Hika?”

Yaotome move his sight from his holy paper into Inoo’s pretty eyes.

“I tried my BEST to keep calm... I know that I have no right to prohibit you to create duet songs with Kota. We are team, but, you also have to remember that he is mine now. And JUMP already have so many YabuHika duet songs. That makes me SICK!!”

Yaotome can’t believe about the words he heard. He has no strength even to blink his eyelids. Shocked.

“Kota would create so many great songs. But duet with you? Don’t waste your time. He would do moar duet with me in the future. And you know right, that Yuuki is the BEST duet Kota and I had ever create. Stay away from Kota, or you will be like this pocky stick,” Inoo choke off a single bar of pockey in front of Yaotome. “Got it?! I WARN You!!”

Thanks God, before Inoo cursing and warning Yaotome much more, Yabu came to save the planet.

“Ohh here’s our BEST coffee. Go get it Hika!” Yabu sipping his cup of coffee. “Thanks baby,” he gave his wife a kiss on forehead, and Inoo return it with a light peck on Yabu’s cheek.

“Ok! I will continue my laundry and then joining... And if you need something, Hika, just please doing yourself. Feel like at your own home ne...” Inoo’s devilish smile makes Yaotome shivering. “You too darling, let me doing my household peacefully. An assistance from you would be nice, okay...”

Once again Inoo kiss Yabu’s cheek and leave.

“Ehh umn, I think I would create the other songs with other member, Kou...” Yaotome finally manage to speak. “Gimme the lyrics, maybe Yuto can help... 7 have to improve their song writing and composing quality...”

Yabu raised his eyebrow. Smell something fishy. “Daijobu ka?”

“You should create more duet song with Kei. Write warm family song, and do YabuNoo family duet... I’m sure that would be GREAT...”

Yaotome gulp his coffee. He sure that he already put sugar block on it. But still, taste bitter...




this is epic! hahahaha poor Hikaru xD
" And you know right, that Yuuki is
the BEST duet Kota and I had ever create." <- and I love this part xD
epic? whoooa!
so happy that you were enjoying this fiction. thanks for reading =D
yeollie ahh

June 2016

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