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Doraemon Doko Demo Door

Author: ranzeratihmcfly
Pairing: YabuNoo
Genre: Crack
Rating: PG-13
Type: Drabble
Disclaimer: Yabu – Inoo aren’t mine =(
Summary: No need summary, please enjoy reading =P
Beta: koigaii

This one came after I asked my friend, Riana, about what she wants for her Birthday present. She loves Doraemon and Inoo Kei, and answered: Doraemon’s Doko Demo Door, for sneaking into Kei’s room -____-

Doraemon’s Doko Demo Door

BEST were eating ramen in one of the ramen store in Tokyo, when suddenly Hikaru became hyped up.

“Oi Yabu! What do you want for your birthday??”

“Hmmm…” Yabu put down his chopsticks, raising his brows. “I guess you guys wouldn’t be able to get this something I want…”

“What’s is it Yabu-kun?” Takaki asked as he continued to eat the ramen.

Yabu glanced at Inoo who seems concentrating on his ramen, and grinned. “I want Doraemon’s Doko Demo Door!!”

“Ehh???” they were all surprised and eyed their leader questioning. Well except Inoo Kei who’s still devouring his ramen.

“Why are you guys eeehhh-iing?? You asked me earlier, right?!”

“Where do you want to go with that door?” Daiki asked.

“Well, nowhere that far actually…” Yabu started to grin. “I just want to go to one place. Kei’s room…” He stated proudly and Inoo choked on his ramen. “So that I can always meet him…” Yabu continued while he rubbed Inoo’s back, and gave him a glass of water.

“You and your joke, Yabu…” Hikaru said, still giggling with Takaki and Daiki.


January 31st. Yabu Day.

JUMP was just finished performing in Music Station. Inoo was waiting for Yabu in the dressing room, his boyfriend, a tall, handsome, rich, and simply awesome person. The other JUMP members had already headed to the restaurant where they’ll celebrate the birthday of the almighty Yabu Kota.

“Let’s go Kei! Let’s catch up those brats…” Yabu placed his hands on Inoo’s shoulder, pushing him gently out off the room.

“Ummm… Kou…” They were walking to the restaurant when Inoo suddenly stopped, he took something from his pocket. “Give me your hand…”

“Huh?” Yabu, even though surprised, open his palm.

Inoo held Yabu’s hand and unromantically shoved something on it. “I can’t give you Doko Demo Door which allowed you to go to my room directly… But I can give you my room’s key instead.” Inoo leaned forward and pecked Yabu’s cheek. “Don’t tell JUMP about this, okay?” Inoo turned and continued walking with faster pace, leaving a stunned Yabu behind. “Hurry!! The other must be waiting already..” Inoo shouted.

“Eeehhhhhh???” Yabu squeal as he come to his senses. “YATTA!!!” He cheered and run after Inoo.

And yes, his wish just came true.




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