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Forever A Treasure

Title: Forever A Treasure
Author: ranzeratihmcfly
Pairing: YabuNoo
Rating: PG-13
Genre: drama
Disclaimer: Yabu Inoo aren’t mine =(
Type: drabble
Warning: Horrible grammar – spelling error - alien English

Hello! Does anybody still read fanfics?
Here a drabble written after too much listening to BOYFRIEND’s “Boku no Takaramono”
And ohh the italic text were some lyrics from " this song "
Hope you enjoy it... Ppyong ~~

You will never know with whom you might falling in love. You can’t choose the person you will have such heart throbbing when you met them. But you must know and choose with whom you can compromise and make commitment to deal.

“There is one thing... Pain that I can’t bear... It’s you, Kou...”

With tremble voice, the younger one tried his best to hold his tears. He knew that he himself isn’t perfect, he knew that chasing after Yabu Kota is somehow pitiful, and now is the time to stop his foolish stubborness.

“Kei, I’m sorry, I have someone that I...”

“That you treasure the most.. Like I treasure you to death...”

Inoo clench his teeth. He wants to vent his anger. But he needs to manage his emotion.

“How come you did this to me? You knew my feeling towards you!”

“You were misunderstood..”

“Me? Oh yeah... Sure... This was all my fault, to believe in you!”

One teardrop was falling, followed by another warm tears...

“You said you were broke up with her. That’s why I courage myself to hit up on you! I like you! I brought this heavy heart since the day we met! Since our school days! But why, tell me why you have to be so mean to me?!”

“I like you too! You are so pretty and lovely Kei, but the point is...”

The handsome one acting like it was nothing. Not a big deal.

“You like me? No... I always be nobody in your heart! The point is you have no feeling, you have no heart for me... Just stop your lies! What hurt me more is that I always believe in you!”

There is one thing I cannot bear. It’s you, you know it.
You are a liar. Your pretty lies kept growing.
And you faded away just like a lie.
Dont’t hurt me.
My heart aches, I can’t endure it.

Yabu approaches the mad guy in front of him. Tried to calm Inoo... But the certain one step back.

“Go back to her. And remember this; each time you sick about your relationship, don’t ever again you dare to come to me and said you were dumped. I already sick of you!”

When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.

Inoo wept his tears, and with somewhat glare yet deep and dearly eyes, he bid goodbye to the one he loves the most. His wound would definitely leaving a scar. But he relieved for knowing that Yabu Kota doesnt worth his heart.



This cant be end here like that... bring yuya to inoo to soothe the poor heart will you?? X3

THIS!!!! Hahaha love you babe

Yesss!!! That!!!! XD

that totally teared me up :(

are you planning to continue? or leave it just like that?
oh i love how it breaks my heart so much </////3
yeollie ahh

June 2016

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