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Why So Serious

Title: Why So Serious
Author: RanzeRatihMcfly
Pairing: YabuNoo
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance
Disclaimer: My plot. Yabu-Inoo aren’t mine =(
Type: Drabble
Warning: This story might be irritating and sensitive.

“Everything would be back to normal. Don’t mind it.” Yabu pats Inoo’s head lightly. Tried to calm him.

“Are you sure?”

The older one just gave him a nod. A bit hesitation in his mind but he needs to stay cool as he always did.

“Many people turns became hate you seriously because of this issue.” Inoo pouts his pinkish lips.

“I’m Okei. As long as you love me.”

“I shouldn’t shouted out my idea in the very first place. I feel so frustrating now.”

“About my kissing scene with her? Or my punch drunk love act?” Still, Yabu has his teasing mood at this pretty thrilling moment.

His photos of dating a girl spreads like a virus. Irritating, but he has a reason above the matter.

“That’s... Just her lips touched your lips. She touched your body, not your heart...”

“Haahaaa. Typically you. You are really my Kei.” Yabu hugs him from behind.

“But still I thanked her for helping us. If we caught we’re dating, we will surely END.” Inoo shut his laptop down. Finished swimming around the internet to check some updates of his lover’s arranged scandal.

“So, let’s leave it alone. This mess would gone itself with the wind blows by days.”

Yabu bruises Inoo’s lips and gave him a warm kiss.

“Ne, Kei... Lets just doing our BEST for JUMP and continuing living our romance life peacefully...”



I was on hiatus from fangirling related JUMP esp Yabu and heard this scandal. Ahh ya, those pictures might tells the truth. Scandal is no joke. Just, I can’t hate Yabu for having a normal life. And I mean no harm with this fan fiction.
Whoop! It’s kinda late for greeting Inoo, but yeah, HAPPY 24th Bday Inoo Kei – I still YabuNoo shipper.
Wish all great with you, guys…


yeollie ahh

June 2016

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