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Silent Sobbing

Author: ranzeratihmcfly
Pairing: YabuNoo
Genre: Fluff Crack
Rating: PG
Type: Failed Drabble
Disclaimer: Yabu – Inoo aren’t mine =(
Summary: someone is sobbing silently esp to express sadnesss

Omo ~ this one is kinda weird but hope you all enjoy reading...

"Kei, please open the door..."

JUMP's most handsome man continuosly knocking on the door in front of him.


"Please don't do this, Kei..."

He just heard someone's sobbing. He can felt the pain. He can senses the loneliness.


He knocked the door more impatient. The sobbing sounds more heartbreaking.

"Ohh, Kei... Please open the door!"

No answer.

It was 11:49 PM almost midnight. And the sound of sobbing makes him frustrated.

"Kei! Answer me! Please open the door!!"

Clicking from the sound of unlocked key was heard, and the door was open.

There a fragile pretty young man appeared, welcome his lover with one slap on his handsome face.

"I just changed my clothes! Why so panic?!"

Yabu rubbed his precious cheek.

"I heard that! The Silent Sobbing! I swear I heard that!"

"And what? You are a MAN! You should embarassed to act like a rabbit! I was here for almost a month and never heard that urban legend!"

But then, suddenly Inoo felt the goosebumps. He also can heard that Silent Sobbing.

The older one move closer.

"Don't tell me that it was just my imagination!"

Bite his lower lip, Inoo wore his jacket.

"Are we going to eat? NOW?"

Yabu gave a nod.

"Shall we RUN?"

And without any hesitant, they were go to the most far 24 hours restaurant for late dinner.

Inoo start to packing his things the following day. Leaving his horror flat. Move to Yabu's apartemen.




I thought something happen to Inoo...XD
At least he is in Yabu's place now~...>\\\\<
Nice fic...∩__∩
I actually want to write angst... LOL
thanks for reading
Iki separo kisah nyata kkkkk
Ng kamar mandi kost ku... #kalem
at least inoo moved in with yabu in the end XDD ♡
That's the main poin, Live together... xP
oiya mba, I'm adding you, ii desu ka? tehepero X9
haiiik douzo ~
buset mbak, aku mocone jam 12 bengi lho ( ̄ー ̄)
aman to tapi?
aman sih mbak, ning rodo deg-deg serr aku tersipu malu~ /w\
Pernah ngalamin kyak gini dulu...
God! I'm home alone >.<
Harusnya pake warning wkwkwk =D
Ini genre-nya fluff-or (fluffy-horror), ngagetno wae
dari suara cekikikan, geraman, sampe silent sobbing pernah, ._.
kalo dikasih peringatan ntar gak kaget kkk
Спасибо за пост!
yeollie ahh

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